Thursday, June 23, 2005

wiki wiki wow

i have recently become a convert to wikipedia, the " free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit."
the free content part and the community, working hard for posterity, part are obviously cool. but initially that "anyone can edit" part sounds scary. as a librarian, i know i am supposed to be really concerned about "authority". but my experiences with wikipedia have been great. the articles are really well done. and they are generally written in an accessible style that reflects a current awareness. i have also really been impressed with the depth of the articles, especially in computer science.
i know many people have concerns about bias (although i think bias can be found in authoritative sources as well, which perhaps aren't questioned as much as an online source would be). wikipedia has handled this with their neutrality policy and disputed articles are labeled as such.
i find that i am leaving other "authoritative" reference sources behind for wikipedia. so i must say wiki wiki wow!


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